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Pinticks is a mobile and web based platform. It allows mobile users to create their own stories from their daily life. These stories will be available to live by the users friends or by people from all around the World. Basically , the mobile device tracks your gps in a continuous manner. You can dream like you are drawing a route on the map but actually you don't have to move yourself geographically. Record your moments by using the mobile phone with Pinticks on it. You can add a photo, video, object interaction, text , checkin etc. Pinticks tracks your movements by using gps or location services. Your every moment includes two important aspects. Time and location. So that is where 'Pinticks' name comes from. Pin your precious time ticks. 
It doesn't have to be precious. One can record his or her touristic route one can record her or his wedding day. 

A user will be able to live the created story by other users. How is that? Literally you will see every moment created by other user on the place-location they're created. Pinticks will navigate you through the route and will let you see every moment created on that route by that user. So It may be a culture route that shows you secret buildings in Istanbul or it may show you a cycle route or it may show you where Adriana Lima travelled in İstanbul literally on same route. As you may know Narrative the wearable device for recording your daily story has exactly same purpose. We have extensive side you can use narrative to enrich your story or capture best story ever. 
Pinticks aims to host human-related, real, tangible content created by their users. Pinticks also aims to make everyone live another's story it may be a tourism story a sport story or just a story in a particular place. 
Pinticks will use the location information to give people successful advertisements or stories.

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